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Anson Smart Interiors

Anson Smart Travel

Anson Smart Hotel

Chris Nicholls Fashion

Chris Nicholls Beauty

Chris Nicholls Celebrity

Chris Nicholls Advertising

Chris Nicholls Lingerie

Donald Graham Portraits

Donald Graham Advertising

Donald Graham Celebrity

Donald Graham Fashion

Donald Graham Landscape

Donald Graham Lifestyle

Donald Graham Personal

Gareth Morgans Food

Gareth Morgans Lifestyle

Gareth Morgans Drink

James Tse Food

James Tse Interiors

James Tse Advertising

James Tse - Kids

James Tse - Lifestyle

Jason Loucas - Food

Jason Loucas - Interiors

Jason Loucas - Stills

Jason Loucas - Travel

Joerg Kritzer - Liquid

Joerg Kritzer - Drink

Joerg Kritzer - Food

Joerg Kritzer - Cosmetics

Joerg Kritzer - Stills

Joerg Kritzer - Advertising




Lennart Weibull - Food

Lennart Weibull - Interiors

Line Klein - Interiors

Line Klein - Food

Line Klein - Travel

Line Klein - Stills

Line Klein - Lifestyle

Lucas Allen - Interiors

Lucas Allen - Portraits

Lucas Allen - Food

Lucas Allen - Travel

Lucas Allen - Stills

Lucas Allen - Tearsheets

Mark Arbeit - Celebrity

Mark Arbeit - Fashion

Mark Arbeit - Beauty

Melissa Scheetz - Beauty

Melissa Scheetz - Stills

Peter Belanger - Environments

Peter Belanger - Stills

Petrina Tinslay Food

Petrina Tinslay Interiors

Petrina Tinslay Advertising

Petrina Tinslay Travel

Petrina Tinslay Hotel

Steve Anderson - Portraits

Steve Anderson Travel

Steve Anderson - Food

Steve Anderson - Lifestyle

Thomas Schwoerer - Automotive

Thomas Schwoerer - Architecture

Thomas Schwoerer - Landscape

Thomas Schwoerer - Lifestyle

Thomas Schwoerer - Technology

Sasa Antic - Prop Stylist - Interiors

Sasa Antic - Prop Stylist - Stills

Geraldine Munoz - Prop Stylist - Food

Kate Parisian - Prop Stylist - Food

Kate Parisian - Prop Stylist - Paper & Crafts
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Daniele Forsythe Photographers is an artist representation agency with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Our accomplished photographers shoot a diverse array of subjects including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, interiors, food, travel, children, celebrities, music, technology, and stills. We serve clients of the highest caliber, from national advertising agencies and upscale catalog companies to editorial magazines, with a full roster of services including production, portfolio creation, estimating, scouting, and casting. Our unbroken commitment to excellence allows us to provide consistent, superior service to our clients in an increasingly competitive commercial-photography marketplace. Click HERE to visit our blog

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